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New Eye Shadow Shimmering Powder Sequins Liquid Eye Shadow Lip Gloss Lip Glaze Lipstick and Other Facial Makeup Color Paillette 1mm Star


  • EXW Price:
    ¥ 260.0 start
    Min. order: 1 kg
  • 1 kg
  • Exchage Rate 1 CNY ≈ 0.1407 USD
  • Item No. 1MM星
  • specification
  • Specifications
    Specifications Price(RMB) Stock Quantity
    S01-1M Stars(S01-1M星) ¥350.0 50 kg available
    A04-1M Stars(A04-1M星) ¥350.0 50 kg available
    BJ01-1M Stars(BJ01-1M星) ¥450.0 50 kg available
    BO-1M Stars(BO-1M星) ¥450.0 50 kg available
    Dream Chinese Red(梦幻中国红) ¥900.0 50 kg available
    Dream Emperor Gold(梦幻皇帝金) ¥260.0 50 kg available
    Dream Purple(梦幻紫) ¥950.0 50 kg available
    Illusion Gold(梦幻金) ¥950.0 50 kg available
    Dream Blue(梦幻兰) ¥950.0 50 kg available
    Fantasy Red(梦幻红) ¥950.0 50 kg available
    Fantasy Orange(梦幻橙) ¥950.0 50 kg available
    Fantasy Violet(梦幻紫罗兰) ¥950.0 50 kg available
    Summary 0 kg Subtotal:¥ 0 Selected ∧
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