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Mobile Phone Stand Desktop Convenient Live Streaming Tablet PC Bedside Bracket Lifting and Foldable Versatile Universal Support Frame


  • EXW Price:
    ¥ 3.9 start
    Min. order: 10 piece
  • 10 piece
  • Exchage Rate 1 CNY ≈ 0.1402 USD
  • Weight 0.2 kg/piece
  • Item No. 23.8大事件
  • Sales volume 500piece
  • color
  • Specifications
    Specifications Price(RMB) Stock Quantity
    T9-2 [Pearl White] Sales Volume Product(T9-2【珍珠白】跑量款) ¥4.4 34594 piece available
    T9-2 [Deep Black] Sales Volume Product(T9-2【深邃黑】跑量款) ¥4.4 32457 piece available
    T9-2 [Mint Green] Sales Volume Product(T9-2【薄荷绿】跑量款) ¥4.4 41893 piece available
    T9-2 [Girl Pink] Sales Volume Product(T9-2【少女粉】跑量款) ¥4.5 45413 piece available
    T9-6 [Pearl White]](T9-6【珍珠白】) ¥5.4 46018 piece available
    T9-6 [Deep Black]](T9-6【深邃黑】) ¥5.4 47624 piece available
    T7-L Double Pole [Pearl White]](T7-L双杆【珍珠白】) ¥8.2 48401 piece available
    T7-L Double Pole [Deep Black]](T7-L双杆【深邃黑】) ¥8.2 49785 piece available
    T7-2 Double Pole [Pearl White]](T7-2双杆【珍珠白】) ¥9.9 19939 piece available
    T7-2 Double Pole [Deep Black]](T7-2双杆【深邃黑】) ¥9.9 19949 piece available
    Double Folding [White](双折叠【白色】) ¥3.9 49398 piece available
    Double Folding [Black]](双折叠【黑色】) ¥3.9 49068 piece available
    Double Folding [Pink]](双折叠【粉色】) ¥3.9 49200 piece available
    Double Folding [Green 】(双折叠【绿色】) ¥3.9 46477 piece available
    Summary 0 piece Subtotal:¥ 0 Selected ∧
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