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Tiktok Twelve Constellation Plush Pendant Xiaohongshu Same Style Funny Cotton Doll Toothless Doll Toy Gift


  • EXW Price:
    ¥ 4.0 start
    Min. order: 10 piece
  • 10 piece
  • Exchage Rate 1 CNY ≈ 0.1406 USD
  • Weight 0.2 kg/piece
  • Sales volume 140piece
  • Specifications
  • Specifications
    Specifications Price(RMB) Stock Quantity
    Cancer: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(巨蟹座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6305 piece available
    Scorpio: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(天蝎座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6417 piece available
    Libra: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(天秤座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6319 piece available
    TAURUS: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(金牛座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6264 piece available
    PISCES: Gold Keychain Individually Packed 10cm(双鱼座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6273 piece available
    Single Price Color Random: Gold Keychain Independent Packaging 10cm(单个价格颜色随机:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥4.0 7881 piece available
    Leo: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(狮子座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6262 piece available
    Sagittarius: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(射手座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6353 piece available
    Aquarian: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(水瓶座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6352 piece available
    Aquarian: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(水瓶座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6189 piece available
    Leo: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(狮子座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6404 piece available
    Single Price Color Random: Nude Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(单个价格颜色随机:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥4.0 7843 piece available
    GEMINI: Gold Keychain Individually Packed 10cm(双子座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6421 piece available
    CAPRICORN: Gold Keychain Individually Packed 10cm(摩羯座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6321 piece available
    Libra: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(天秤座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6425 piece available
    Full Set of 12 Constellation 12: Naked Doll Individually Packaged 10cm(全套12星座12个:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥75.0 6236 piece available
    Virgo: Gold Keychain Individually Packed 10cm(处女座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6331 piece available
    ARIES: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(白羊座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6251 piece available
    PISCES: Naked Doll Individually Packed 10cm(双鱼座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6173 piece available
    CAPRICORN: Naked Doll Individually Packed 10cm(摩羯座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6385 piece available
    Sagittarius: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(射手座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6271 piece available
    GEMINI: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(双子座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6213 piece available
    Scorpio: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(天蝎座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6334 piece available
    Full Set of 12 Constellation 12: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(全套12星座12个:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥79.0 6468 piece available
    Virgo: Naked Doll Individually Packed 10cm(处女座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 6410 piece available
    ARIES: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(白羊座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6309 piece available
    TAURUS: Gold Keychain Individually Packaged 10cm(金牛座:金色钥匙扣独立包装10cm) ¥6.8 6327 piece available
    Cancer: Bare Doll Independent Packaging 10cm(巨蟹座:裸娃娃独立包装10cm) ¥6.2 5781 piece available
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