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women's fashion elegant natural agate all-match long sweater chain necklace and accessories

UNIT PRICE: US $ 4.15 - 4.30
ITEM NO: 2017226
PACKING QTY: 120 pcs/Lot (10*12)
MEAS: 35*30*30 cm
CBM: 0.0315 m³
G.W.: 30.0 kg
Delivery Time: 10 Days
white agate
Wholesale Price:
Qty ( Lots) Unit Price Price/Lot
1 - 4 4.30 516.00
5 - 4.15 498.00
ORDER QTY.: Lot(s)

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elegant charm, from the beginning crystal agate necklace

Nearly 100 companies, shipping fast, more than 10 years experience in foreign trade jewelry production, original hand jewelry, unique style, cost-effective, from time to time every week on the new Hot style inventory sufficient.

Address: International Trade City, a district east of the expansion of the third floor 2 Unit 103684

Tel: 15867997832

Contact:Wang Qunfeng

Website: http://zhuliu.yiwugou.com

Anti - Wear and anti - carved

Do not place or together with other jewelry to wear to avoid collision of friction,causing cracks and scratches.

Anti - collision, beaten

After every wear jewelry, use mild soapy water and a soft brush brush, and rinsegently with water for jewelry.


Nature of the crystal is actually very stable, but cracks or other associated mineralsof nature will be changed,So with acid, alkali and other chemicals should be avoided contact with corrosivesubstances, Otherwise,they would travel down the crack corrosion of crystal or other minerals

High temprature prevention

Do not put crystal jewelry suddenly in hot water,High temperatures cause the crystal to produce large crack or fade easily, causingunnecessary damage.

CUSTOM MADE : Available
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