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Hex screw

UNIT PRICE: US $ 0.60 - 0.63 Buy Samples
ITEM NO: JL-051-01 JL-051-02
MATERIAL: carton steel/alloy steel/stainless steel
PACKING QTY: 50 kgs/Lot (1*50)
MEAS: 20*30*30 cm
CBM: 0.018 m³
G.W.: 50.5 kg
Delivery Time: 10 Days
natural color zinc plating chromeplate Dacromet color-zinc plating
Wholesale Price:
Qty ( Lots) Unit Price Price/Lot
40 - 199 0.63 31.50
200 - 499 0.61 30.50
500 - 0.60 30.00
ORDER QTY.: Lot(s)

Product Information 

Customs code:HS 7318159090

Origin:Hebei, China 

Type:XW51-1 XW51-2 XW51-3 XW51-4

Package:usualy jute bags or woven bags pack in bulk, also can pack paper box inside and carton outer packing.

Net weight:49.8kg, can pack in different weights according to customers' need.

Functions:mainly used joint and fix through-hole parts.

Selling country:all around the world

can printing LOGO, support OEM.

Description:1. hexagon bolt, need to match with nut to use.

2. screw performance grade :3.6、4.6、4.8、5.6、6.8、8.8、9.8、10.9、12.9 etc, screws above 8.8 grade use low carton alloy steel or medium carbon steel as well as heat treatment.

3. A and B grade screws mainly used in high accuracy, large impact occasions, C grade screw used in rough surface, low accuracy occasions.

4. screw thread usually is +A38.

5. operative standard:GB70.1、ISO4762、DIN912 unit mm

contact address:Yiwu International Trade Mart District 2, Gate 37, 2F, Street 2, shop G2-14841.
contact number:15857910912  18958498930

CUSTOM MADE : Available
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