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Manufacturers selling products hotel restaurant chef service coat

UNIT PRICE: US $ 3.34 Buy Samples
ITEM NO: sf2016031102
MATERIAL: cotton
PACKING QTY: 50 pc/Lot (1*50)
MEAS: 65*50*30 cm
CBM: 0.0975 m³
G.W.: 20.0 kg
Delivery Time: 10 Days
s M xl xxl xxl customize
red black white customize
Wholesale Price:
Qty ( Lots) Unit Price Price/Lot
1 - 3.34 167.00
ORDER QTY.: Lot(s)

A large quantity of products: preferred thanks pro on our support, because we are wholesale cheap to run, it is generally go check (logistics) number more or less, a place near and far, logistics costs are high and low, the company does not undertake any freight, bear only goods consignment. After the goods will be close to the local transportation company telephone contact designated the Department of consignment delivery, generally Pro must bring their own identity card went to pick up, such as the need for door-to-door to affinity transport companies to discuss, door-to-door transportation costs a company to add on. To see the kind of product in order to improve efficiency and save the time waiting for the sample, we will use SF EXPRESS courier to the pro, shipping costs need to pay, inconvenience, please forgive me! The shipper is to pack as a computing unit, we can play a pack of more than as much as possible to play, to help save the cost of Pro pro. Freight to the bottom of the logistics company.

Yiwu City, where the luxury hotel supplies Company Limited is a set design, production and sales of various types of hotel linen professional manufacturers. The company Chinese stores located in the largest commodity city of Yiwu international trade city.
The company's main Linen Room: (hotel / hotel / guest room bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow case, was the core, pillow, mattress, bed tail towel, bed cover, pillow, cushion, laundry bag, mat); a bathroom linen: (bathrobe, bath towel, towel, washcloth, towel, bath curtain). The company has a perfect production management system, strong technical strength and strong production and processing capacity to the "integrity, win-win" business philosophy, and constantly blaze new trails; today, luxury where employees to technology as the core, depending on the quality of life, to serve the customers as God, wholeheartedly for you to provide the highest cost-effective hotel linen and meticulous after-sales service.
Zhejiang city in Yiwu province where the luxury hotel Ltd. look forward to working with you

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TEL :13216127588
QQ : 2881360958
Wechat : 13216127588

CUSTOM MADE : Available
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