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3pcs set microwave oven use ceramic bowls sealed keeping fresh lunch box ceramic bowls

UNIT PRICE: US $ 1.75 - 1.86
PACKING QTY: 24 sets/Lot (24*1)
MEAS: 50*44*47 cm
CBM: 0.1034 m³
G.W.: 30.0 kg
Delivery Time: 7 Days
pure pack
Wholesale Price:
Qty ( Lots) Unit Price Price/Lot
5 - 19 1.86 44.64
20 - 49 1.78 42.72
50 - 1.75 42.00
ORDER QTY.: Lot(s)

1. Whole set include: 4/5/6 inch keeping fresh bowl each one+large square colored box.

2. Sealed bowl adopts bone-china with colored glaze, fired in 1300 degree and above temperature, exquisite texture, uniform glazing color.

3. Adopt high quality PP+good quality silica gel ring seal cover design, good leakproofness, can retain freshness.

4. Use environmental glaze and coating, non-toxic and environmental.

5. Suitable for microwave oven and refrigerator use, when in microwave oven, open the air hole, and in refrigerator close in order to keep fresh.

6. S/M/L 3 types, easy to store.

7. can customize logo and package according to customers' requirements.

8. The products have two packages: show as the pictures is large pack, small pack can cheaper 1yuan, please contact us if need small pack.

9. sizes of 3 types bowls as follow:
S size: diameter 95mm height 60mm capacity 280ml weight 150g
M size: diameter 125mm height 67mm capacity 540ml weight 260g
L size: diameter 150mm height 78mm capacity 780ml weight 430g

CUSTOM MADE : Available
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